Content of Zefix, binding force of the data

  • Zefix is complete in respect of business names of corporate bodies (corporations, corporations with unlimited partners, limited liability companies, cooperatives, non-profit associations and foundations) and public-law corporations registered in the Commercial Register. Activ general or limited partnerships and sole proprietorships are all registered. Cancelled  general or limited partnerships and sole proprietorships are all registred since January 1st 2000.
  • The data and references contained in the Central business names index are provided without warranty and have no legal effect whatsoever. Legally binding are solely the certified extracts issued by the commercial register office in charge and the published entry in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce.

 Protection of trademarks and rights to data and programs

  • Zefix is a registered service mark of the Swiss Confederation.

  • All rights to the user's interface, the graphical representation and the data of Zefix belong to the Swiss Confederation. The electronic data of Zefix is only available for personal use. The publication of the whole database, or of parts of it, by any means is strictly forbidden.

  • The pictures and plans on the contact pages of the cantonal registers were only made available for the Swiss Confederation for their publication in Zefix. Their utilisation for any other purpose is submitted to the written approval of the concerned Register.